Part Time Online JOBS

There are many jobs in the vast ocean of the internet. One can get many oppurtunities. But, not all the job providers are Genuine. I have got a Training session, where we were familiarized with some of the genuine online jobs that were being used by many users.

Let's not talk more and start the tutorial.
 I have divided the training in few steps. you are suggested to follow it manually or if you already know it, then you can skip some of the parts.
What you need first to start your online job is the email account. There are many email providers like gmail, yahoo, hotmail and many more.. What I prefer for now is the gmail account. Let's create a gmail account now if you don't have yet.

1. Go to

2. Click on Create account tab. Then you will be send to the page to create an account.

3. Follow all the steps as mentioned in the websites. Don't worry it's really easy.

4. click next or continue.

5. Now your gmail account will be created.

Now, for the next step you need to create accounts in PAYMENT GATEWAY SITES, sothat you can withdraw CASH  from it, which we are doing all this for. 

Some of the famous payment gateway sites are;

1. Paypal
2. Moneybookers
3. Esewa

Now lets start earning from Pay Per Click Websites. These are the websites that pays you money when you click the ads(websites ) listed in their sites. It's very simple.

1. One of Website for this method of earning is
You simply need to create account in the website.  As mentioned above, the procedure to sign up is similar.
  NOTE: On the next step during sign up in neobux, you will need to verify your account . For which you will have copy some codes in the specified box. What I want to specify here is that , the verification code will not be in INBOX of your mail account. It will be in the spam.(This is the case for gmail account). I haven't tested it for other mail provider.
So, wanna sign up and earn money then Click HERE

The next step is to think something bigger, bigger than microjobs. It's doing the jobs specified by certain clients. There are thousands of new projects (or lets say work) being assigned. What we are now going to learn is how to work for the project.
There are many sites that works as a mediator between the workers and the clients and get some commission for their support. We will discuss about such sites.
I would like to start with Freelancer.  
Freelancer is one of the many websites that connects you to your clients who gives the opportunity to work. The projects can be varied. You have to know your ability and choose one of them. 
To get the project , you need to place the bid the project. That means you have to show yourself best for the project. You have to specify the money for which you will work and the days within which you will complete the project. 
Lets sign up for freelancer and know it better.
 HERE TO WE GO For Sign up